Joint Collegiate Scientific Meeting

Thursday 20th September – Sunday 23rd September | Adelaide

The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) is honoured to be hosting the 3rd Joint Collegiate Scientific Meeting (JCSM) during the 24th RACDS Convocation. We look forward to welcoming our colleagues from The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong and The College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore. This joint meeting initiative is a significant development in collaboration of dental practitioners in the Australasian region.

The Hilton Adelaide
233 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000

The program for the 3rd JCSM will be built around the theme: The era of the virtual patient – from hands-on to hands-off dentistry. From conception to death, our digital footprint expands exponentially. This digital era has created the possibility to greatly enhance patient care, but it also creates many ethical issues regarding access, privacy and security of the digital datasets. This conference will explore the fundamental issues posed by the ability to create a digital virtual patient, at an individual patient and society level. It will look at the impact of digital data throughout the stages of patient care from pre-natal care through to the very elderly patients and identify where the provision of high standard dental care can benefit from the hands-off approach enabled by digital data.

The scientific program for the 24th Convocation is under development and the speakers will be announced on the 24th RACDS Convocation website

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